Hey everyone!

I know I said i would finish this legacy, but none of my mods or sliders are working so i can’t enven make the characters 😦 So now I give you…The Summerlin Legacy!

So…for y’all who don’t know, the legacy challenge is where off with a single sim, and working your way to the 10th generation, with no cheats (sadly. but I guess thats what makes it fun). You start off with the very basics of things, in TS3 you will have less then $2,000 to start off with after buying a specified empty lot.

For my Sims 3 Legacy, I will be participating in both optional rules: Matriarchy and Story Teller.

In the first generation we meet our founder, Luna-Marie Ashemore. After her parents banned her for ever coming back or seeing them again she set off on her own. She is a natural cook, book worm, hopeless romantic, family oriented, and deciplined. Luna’s life time wish is to be a 5 star chef. Click here to start form the beginning.

In the second  generation we meet Sapphire Ashemore. Oddly, being the last born of the triplets, she is  the most mature. Sapphire was born lucky and a virtuoso and gained the genius, rocker, and flirty traits when she got older. After ageing up into a young adult, Sapphire relised the joys of classical music and decided she wanted to be a hit movie composer. Fallow Sapphire and her journey to become a hit movie composer here.

In the third generation we meet Calliope Ashemore who is fluent in French, charismatic, a party animal, flirty, a schmoozer, and  . Calliope is the youngest daughter of Sapphire and the only daughter she had with Pierre. Calliope is also the twin sister of Orpheus. Calliope had a hard childhood with being a dork in elementary school and her brother getting married in high school and whatnot. Now that Calliope is all grown up she is willing to do what ever it takes to get what she wants. Even if it means putting her own life in danger. Will Calliope get everything she wants? Find out here.

16 responses

30 01 2010

OMG! I absolutely love your legacy! You have the prettiest sims! I voted for Angela, by the way. She is hilarious! I loved the song she sung in “Growing up” it made me LOL.

30 01 2010

Thanks. I think Angela is funny too. I came up with some awesome ideas for the legacy so don’t go anywhere!

31 01 2010

Your sims are very unique looking. I didn’t vote, but I’ll try to next time.

1 02 2010

Voting is still up. (I only have 8 votes. 7 not counting myself.)

2 02 2010

Hope you dont mind me adding your legacy to my link section on my story page. ❤


2 02 2010

Please do! Im adding yours to mine. Your story is amazing!

2 02 2010

Thank you! I really love yours too…its so different and interesting and so drama filled, reminds me of a soap opera. Juicy! XD

2 02 2010

I added a new chapter! be sure to check it out!

1 03 2010

Hi Chichi

Sorry i have been away for a while. I have added your link to The Shenton Legacy now. I will be starting a new legacy soon.

I am loving yours so far. Keep up the good work

Hugs and kisses


30 03 2010

Hey Chichi,

I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it. I will link yours to my blog! 😀 Mine is http://halliwellfamilylegacy.wordpress.com

If you don’t mind, can you add mine too?

17 04 2010

I read your legacy from beginning to end tonight and I must say, got me thinking about maybe making a mystical type legacy….but I need to finish my current one first. Hehe.

Do you think you could add mine and maybe vote for my new Heir/Heiress?!

*Thanks* 🙂

19 04 2010

I voted for the girl (cant remember her name LOL :D)

4 05 2010

I adore your legacy, and I’ve already added your blog to my links! If you could find the time, I just created a legacy myself, so could you check mine out, and if you like it, link to it as well? Thanks in advance. 🙂

Here’s the link:

6 05 2010

ok, ill be sure to check it out!

7 05 2010

hey Chichi, I have a new chapter up up my blog. Please check it out!

20 07 2010

Chichi, i’ve posted up a new chapter as well, and i would love to hear your comment on it ! 🙂 http://xcin100x.wordpress.com/

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